Northern part of Sacramento, CA, aka, Natomas.
"Aye where you at, son?"
"Pssssh, I'm in the Nutty, cuzz."
by Jose Valdivia January 3, 2009
Crazy, Gnarly, Nuts, Goofy, Extreme, Awesome, Peculiar, Weird
Spy that animal, it looks like a mix between a dolphin and a Loch Ness Monster" "Thats a pretty Nutty combination
by Mega Awesome of Los Altos June 22, 2010
A Washington Heights Special, a beverage that only suburb teens from upstate NY drive all the way to the Heights for. Most people can only drink two before passing out but if you a real NY nigga then mix that joint with Henny (Henny Black for more XP). The recipe is unknown but they get you really fucked fucked up, really quickly, at a really reasonable price :)
Yeeeerrrrrrr, we out for nutties???, How many nutties yah want?, Who's getting a nuttie?
by FozzyBoy October 24, 2018
a beverage that cost fifty cents particually foam Bodegas that once were rumored to kill sperm or stop production of sperm
Here is 50 cents lemme get an orange nutty
by Mikhail March 14, 2004
Used to describe a person, place, or thing of extremely high quality. Derived from the richness of nuts. Something chock full of awesomeness.
That album was nutty. I can't get it out of my head.

Dude, those brownies were nutty. I ate 12.

Did you see Obama's speech last night? It was nutty. I'm inspired.
by the_massimo December 9, 2010
crazy. Like using the word nuts.
Why are you getting all nutty, bitch? I only hit you once!
by _GoD_ September 22, 2004
Chelsea & I were gettin' hella nutty & giggin' to the music.
by ahhhyeahhh June 14, 2011