Ooley is a word used to describe someone that you really like but can’t tell them because y’all are best friends even though you wanna be closer
Jim: “Bro Sarah is amazing and all but I just don’t think we will ooley”
by Guy with random words June 24, 2020
Making out in a photography darkroom.
The relationship between Cedric and Kristen developed into something more as they pulled an Ooley in photo 101.
by cwcftballfan September 27, 2020
Loyalty and trust go hand in hand. The person who goes all out to make sure you stay protected. That is your Ooley coz they gon ride with ya till the wheels fall off and even then, they still riding.
My dawg went ooley in dat courtroom for real
by The Blacksmith-Moz January 23, 2023