A word you say when there is nothing else to say. During awkward silences, loud cafeterias, whenever you see a hot chick,whenever the professor stops talking after a statement, you simply yell ooOoo!
It can kind of be compared to when Canadians use the word "eh", it can simply be used that often.
Example A

Professor: "If we didn't have these levees, the Mississippi river would flood and destroy our campus."
Professor:"What's that?"
Student:"Oh nothing."

Example B

Person A: "Dude that girl on the raised table sitting next to that ginger is so hot!"

Person B: "ooOoo!"

Person A: "I am glad you agree!"
by Max Adamson. January 30, 2009
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A total ice breaker that is used best when things get silent. Often used after someone says a statement and there is small break between what they have to say.
Example 1
Professor:"Our next test will be on the 26th, it will cover chapters 4,5, and 6."
Professor:"What's that?"
Student:"Oh nothing"

Example 2
Person 1:"That Jade girl is so hot"
Person 2:"ooOoo"
Person 1:"I am glad you agree.."
by Max Adamson. November 10, 2008
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A group of 4 best friends made of 2 Boys and 2 Girls, Kiana, Rose, Xander, and Christopher. They will always have each others back and love to make from of each other.
Only Kiana, Rose, Xander, and Christopher can be in the OOOOO Clan. <3
by Koofoooooo January 16, 2020
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1. The sound Donkey Kong makes upon doing his taunt in super smash brothers. Usually accompanied by a shrug of the shoulders and a rocking back and forth of the head

2. An imitation of the above done to other people, usually to provoke anger as you are kicking their ass with Donkey Kong in Super Smash Brothers.

3. Au-oooooo!?
Person 1: Oh my god you're kicking my ass with Donkey Kong and there is nothing I can do about it!

Person 2: *motions like DK's Taunt* Au-OOOOOO!?

Person 3: Oh go fuck yourself.
by Au-oooo! December 29, 2010
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A much better variation of an autocorrected oooo lala.
"I'm hiding in the dressing room, come find me."

"Ooooo Lanka."
by marytherealjane February 09, 2015
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An example would be getting a stiffy and shouting Gossi-ooooo or just seeing something that makes you feel happy and for no reason saying this amazing word
by Ho_Pounder April 03, 2021
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