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A word you say when there is nothing else to say. During awkward silences, loud cafeterias, whenever you see a hot chick,whenever the professor stops talking after a statement, you simply yell ooOoo!
It can kind of be compared to when Canadians use the word "eh", it can simply be used that often.
Example A

Professor: "If we didn't have these levees, the Mississippi river would flood and destroy our campus."
Professor:"What's that?"
Student:"Oh nothing."

Example B

Person A: "Dude that girl on the raised table sitting next to that ginger is so hot!"

Person B: "ooOoo!"

Person A: "I am glad you agree!"
by Max Adamson. January 30, 2009
A total ice breaker that is used best when things get silent. Often used after someone says a statement and there is small break between what they have to say.
Example 1
Professor:"Our next test will be on the 26th, it will cover chapters 4,5, and 6."
Professor:"What's that?"
Student:"Oh nothing"

Example 2
Person 1:"That Jade girl is so hot"
Person 2:"ooOoo"
Person 1:"I am glad you agree.."
by Max Adamson. November 11, 2008
The act of cropping someone out of a picture on facebook so you can have a better profile picture.
Male A: "So I got tagged in a picture at that party on 9th ave, not to be conceded, but I looked damn good, I would totally profile picture it, but that nasty girl from across the street was in it too!"

Male B: "Dude that's not a problem, Facebook Cut that ho!"

Male A: "Damn, how could I have forgot!"
by Max Adamson. June 17, 2009
St. Cloud State University. A college in the middle of Minnesota that consumes a ton of alcohol and practices some of the wildest things you can imagine. At SCSU every night of the week you have the option to go to a party, get extremely plastered, and hook up with that random girl from that one dorm.
Hockey is the main/only Division 1 sport in St. Cloud and is huge. Nights after some hockey games, mainly the University of Minnesota games, police have been known to give out some 300 minors to students on and around campus.
Besides offering a fun and exhilarating experience, St. Cloud delivers a great education to the 17,000+ students that occupy it.
High school student A: "Where are you going this weekend?"
High school student B: "SCSU."
High school student A: "Oh man, try not to get alcohol poisoning this weekend!"
High school student B: "Nah man I am just going up there for the girls."
by Max Adamson. December 22, 2008
Where all the Hotshots live.

Just the total opposite of the ghetto, no bahoos live here.

Better then the land flowing with milk and honey, except without the bahoos in the desert.

You can get into Hotshot city by being a Jokester or simply being in the presence of Mikey Reed.
Kids just a hotshot moving to Hotshot City?

Hotshot Magoo just won the pot and bought a house in Hotshot City.

All the hot girls just go for the hotshots in Hotshot city.
by Max Adamson. December 8, 2008
Untagging yourself from pictures on facebook that may hurt your reputation in any way, shape, or form.
Male A: "Dude, some chick tagged you in a picture where you're making out with her friend, untag yourself before your girlfriend see's that!"
Male B: *Reads text* "Looks like she already has, no more worrying about untagging myself anymore!"

Female A: "Oh my gosh, this creepy guy I talked to when I was drunk took pictures of us and tagged me a few times, I hope people don't think him and I are actually friends!"
Female B: "Girl you need to untag yourself, you don't want any association with that!"

When a relationship status turns sour and one (sometimes both) of the individuals untag them self from pictures with the old boyfriend/girlfriend.
by Max Adamson. June 17, 2009