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The state I am in now. For the 5 people who have never gotten high, I will try to explain it. at first, before you are really high, you become really giddy and will laugh at the slightest thing. you also may remember random things and pointlessly share them. When you are high, it feels very much like your dreaming. when you are sober, it may be hard to remember wut happened when you were high, much like how its hard to remember a dream after you wake up. when you are high, your vision gets messed up. some people compare it to watching your vision in a movie theater. for example, if you turned on your tv while high, it may seem like you are sitting in a movie theater watching a movie of yourself turning on a tv in the first person. also, you see things in a different perspective. if you are high enough, your own house can seem completely different! music is also heard in a different perspective. it can seem like the music surrounds you. I like to describe it as being "in the music". Different music can have different effects on you. old school rock can make you trip out or go crazy. rap can make you freestyle better than you ever thought possible. techno can actually sound cool. your balance and coordination are afffected when you are high. you frequently move around and almost fall if you're high enough. simple tasks (like typing this) can be a lot harder when you're high. also watching things can be different, particulary animated things. I strongly recomend watchin the animatrix while high to find out what im talkin about. i tried my best to explain being high, but really the only way to understand it is to get high yourself. so, for you five who have never gotten high, go get lots of weed and smoke it now! Note: once you've been smoking weed for a while, it can be very hard to achieve the state i described.
i took one hit of that dro out of the gravity bong and i was high!
by deee May 19, 2004
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Weed often found in legends and story books. No one knows if it really exists, or if it is just a myth. According to the stories, one hit is enough to get you high. Some people tell of crazy things happening when they smoke one hit shit, however it i never known whether these stories are true.
one hit shit is a stoners holy grail
by deee June 20, 2004
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Street in SoHo (lower Manhattan) stretching from the Holland Tunnel to Washington Square Park where many, many street vendors gather to sell an array of things such as fake Rolexs and other watches, fake Gucci, fake Prada, fake Louis Vaton, fake shoes, fake Oakley sunglasses, fake basketball jerseys, lighters, fake jewelry, marijuana smoking paraphanelia, ethnic crafts, drugs, bootleg CDs, bootleg movies, electronic devices, and much more. It is a very fun place to go to if you are visiting the city.
I got my entire wordrobe on canal street.
by deee June 23, 2004
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