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calling your buds and letting the phone ring once before hanging up. this is used following a sporting blunder by your rival and their favorite team. as if the ESPN mocking wasnt enough anyone who gets one ringed feels the pain even longer
Joey-You see the Sox lost in the 9th last night?
Charlie-Ya i got one ringed like 7 times
by Swedes July 27, 2008
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One Ring is the ring that Sauron wants, Frodo has, and Fellowship defends the latter.
A gold ring with inscriptions on how to make Sauron have a complete form.
Frodo: I have the One Ring.
Gollum: My Precious.

Spell Breaker: *taking the One Ring* I stole your Precious.
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by Kay Tutan Tayo December 12, 2018
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The act of informing another person of an event which you had pissed them off. This is done by calling there phone and letting it ring once and hanging up. Usually done while watching a major sporting event.
When Bob's Colts fumbled the ball, he recieved a bunch of one rings from his friends.
by Douggggggggg July 17, 2006
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The act of calling your friends to let them know that you want to speak to them. You call, let the phone ring once and hang up. If they feel like talking to you, they'll call you back.
Jeff: Oh, Jane just gave me a one ring. Wonder what she wants?
Calls her straight away.
Jane: Hi Jeff. Just wanted to say hi and see whats new in your life? blah....blah...blah
by Luv2Bcrazy September 09, 2009
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