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Weed often found in legends and story books. No one knows if it really exists, or if it is just a myth. According to the stories, one hit is enough to get you high. Some people tell of crazy things happening when they smoke one hit shit, however it i never known whether these stories are true.
one hit shit is a stoners holy grail
by deee June 19, 2004
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A very powerful type of pot, supposivly get you fucked up in one hit
HOLY FUCK (COUGH COUGH) is this the mystical One hit shit?!?
by Jonathan December 09, 2003
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An exceptionally powerful and high quality type of cannabis. To be one hit shit, the bud has to be good enough to get you decently high after only one hit.
I have encountered the legendary one hit shit. My friend the weed dealer a lot of something called Jamaican AK. One night, three guys, he, and I smoked five or six bowls (I forget) of this, myself having about ten hits of this over the course of two hours (I had already had a few hits of chronic beforehand). I was very fucked up, let me tell you that. It would have been fun had I not also felt like shit (high temperature/heart beat).

I was tripping for real on the one hit shit. Closed eye visuals and mental visions up the arse. I looked at the night sky through the trees and a couple of rainbow comets chased each other around. The night sky was full of green stars. My field of vision looked like it was pixellated, except instead of little square pixels they were little zig zag pixels. I went inside, crashed and watched TV that I couldn't understand, and I started having bad memories from childhood manefest themselves in abstract and disturbing ways. I rember a vision of a digital photo of a fat woman in an attic who's face was made of guacamole.

My friend Kevin and I thought this was laced, but we thought it over and decided that couldn't be the case (PCP and meth were ruled out because he was drug tested, and those two are ALWAYS tested). Then I told the weed dealer friend. "That wasn't laced," he said. "That was from my private stash. That was one hit shit."
by Ober May 28, 2004
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Weed so potent and THC-laden, it will get you crazy-stoned off of one hit. Contrary to popular belief, this is no myth. I have smoked two types of weed powerful enough to get me ripped off my ass on one hit: White Widow, and the almighty Pink Hawaiian.
My friend got the hook ups with the best weed in town: Pink Hawaiian. One hit had me tripping, I thought the room was at a 90 degree angle and that I was falling into a black hole. That was THE one hit shit.
by scrubby122 September 20, 2008
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