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a) someone's sidekick

b) an offensive term for someone's mistress or lover
If you want an on-the-side definition b), don't be in a classical ltr; look for an open relationship instead.
by sexydimma June 05, 2015
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Having an extra sex partner. Having sex with a friend as in friend with benefits while in a relationship with someone else.
I like fucking him on the side, just like I like ordering my salad dressing on the side.
by Frisco Stories August 12, 2008
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Having a sexual relationship with a person outside of one's primary, emotional relationship.

See, mistress.
"Hey man, I heard you were getting a little action on the side! Did you nail her?"
by Nathan V. August 07, 2008
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weekend, the days on the sides of a calendar i.e. Saturday and Sunday.
Person 1: Hey what're you doing on the side?
Person 2: I'm going to Lake Taho with Matta dn Jess.
by Nikkola March 06, 2005
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