A gun that uses .22 caliber ammunition.
"I got the deuce deuce in the trunk of my car..."
-Sublime (Garden Grove)
by Brad Nowell lives July 14, 2004
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The silly muthufucku pulls out a deuce-deuce. Little did he know I had a loaded 12-gauge.
by nokianinja October 8, 2002
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A .22 Caliber pistol.
or 22 inch rims
The boy JD was a friend of mine. till i caught im in my car tryna steal a alpine. I chased him up the street to call a truse. The silly mothafucka pulls out a deuce deuce, little did he know I had a loaded 12 gauge. One sucka dead L.A times Front page--Eazy E; boyz in the hood
by ase53123 February 7, 2008
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deuce = latin for 2
deuce deuce = latin for two two
hence 22, one of the smaller calibres for handguns.

a deuce deuce is a .22 calibre handgun
Man 1- whatcha got ?
Man 2- just my deuce-duece.
by Calo Nord March 23, 2005
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deuce deuce is short for twenty two, which can be used to describe anything that is 22, like 22 inch rims, but initially refered to a .22 caliber gun
Bith got taken by a deuce deuce.
by jackass March 24, 2003
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A "deuce deuce" is a .22 caliber handgun
"About to get loose with the deuce deuce" -- Ice Cube
by ac January 31, 2004
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Two (2) Cheeseburgers and Two (2) hotdogs. Usually eaten when famished.
"I'm going to eat the Deuce Deuce at the bar-b-que"
by Metalharvester September 8, 2009
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