I common acronym meaning OH MY FUCKING GOD. used by 13 year old thots to express displeasure. Usually used over text and if not then is said in a very high pitched voice
Girl: are you ready for the test today
Girl two: omfg there’s a test today?!?
by FaZe_Craig_Paul June 25, 2019
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Well, it is a pastafari word for "oh my flying god".

second evangelist oft the FSM
OMFG, this pastas are so good!
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OMFG is a rap collective composed of OMFG Mikey, OMFG Smoke, and OMFG Jax. The three grew up in the same area and would freestyle at their towns local rec center. The OMFG name stands for On My Fuckin Grind, symbolizing how they have to grind since they grew without much money
“Have you heard the new song by OMFG Smoke?”
“Yes, I think that one is better then his last song.”
by Jackson899 April 15, 2019
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Oh my f*cking god in short.
Teacher: What is 1337 plus 1337
by Mangyso July 13, 2012
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no one:

9 yr old broke producer: I likey OMGF - hello, i want to make the same song = omfg style
by omfgstyleproducer May 13, 2019
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Person 1: stop killing me omfg yfa
Person 2: no because you destroyed my product
by drivingmorans123 November 20, 2020
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