A term used by many young people and liberal older people use to describe people over 50 with a stern or formidable personality that believe in harsh discipline and no coddling thinking that being that way will produce a good citizen and a better person. Many old school men believe in hard work for success, women that are not housewives should work only in occupations such as teaching, secretarial work, or nursing, children need to be put in their place and not part of adult conversation, smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol is okay, but marijuana is horrible, and that making a man out of a young boy is not having a deep conversation followed by hugs or tears.
His father was old school and believed in corporal punishment
by waspcoloredstain February 23, 2017
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An excuse adults use when they decide to be lazy and not update despite newresearch or new technology that shows a better path. They know better but it leaves the trash of it all to be dealt with by the generation after them. Often used as an excuse among educators, musicians, and churches.
I understand that using brain research results in more students graduating but you know I am from the "old school" way of things. If it was good enough for me should be good enough for them.

Even though the piece of music said 2016 with a Latino beat, the director chose the "old school" style--white status quo.
by lexicon111 May 23, 2018
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