1.doing something classic in a shooter game
2.shootin people with no mercy or sign of pity
Damn man u skooled that guy ol'skoo style, hes bleeding all over!
by Serban January 17, 2004
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1. Norms, morals, a way of life that is no longer applicable to current social life-styles.
2. A noun describing the way things used to be.
3. Trends, fads, and toys that used to be cool, but are now considered out of style.
1. Having sexual relations with family is a totally old school way of thinking.
2. Men who think being in bed with their family is acceptable, is completely old school.
3. Wearing bell bottom pants, is totally old school.
4. Playing with Pogs and watching Power Rangers is old school.
by Sal Ahmad June 12, 2008
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An academy of sorts attended in the past.
Hey man didn't that crazy one eyed chick on the street corner over there go to your old school. I think she's selling drugs... maybe she can hook us up.
by ?..?..?987 May 25, 2010
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Retro. Simple as that.

Oldschool is one of the worst slang terms ever invented. Only retards use that "word". Almost as bad as the word hardcore.

Seriously....when anybody uses the word oldschool they sound like a fucking mongoloid.
Oldschool is a terrible word. Say retro instead.

I happen to be a moron so i use the word oldschool extensively.
by CurvedMirror July 21, 2008
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That piece of information is already well known.
Juan: Have you seen that new girl? She's hot!
Daquan: Dude, old school. I already hit that.
by jake.herring April 26, 2008
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the act of drinking many PBR's and Sparks in order to get fired up for an evening of drinking and ridiculous antics.
Being with out their girlfriends for the evening, Box, Lad and Roni did it up old school before karaoke at the saloon.
by box March 11, 2003
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(n.) (adj.) – rapping that makes sense, new wristbands, 1940s ice cream trucks, one-room school houses, Harley-Davidson® motorcycles, etc.
I have always liked to travel in one of these old school hippy busses.
by Jerome G. September 22, 2007
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