the crazy insane strength you gain when you become an old man
did you see grandpa pick up that keg of beer?
Yeah he has sick old man strength
by caliwolves April 10, 2009
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The uncanny ability of older men to lift copious amounts of lumber, heavy furniture, and beat their sons in arm wrestling.
Man 1: "My dad beat me in arm wrestling again..."
Man 2: "Of course, he has old man strength."
by UIC123 April 19, 2011
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Usually acquired by men around the age of 40. It is not something like adrenaline that comes when you need it most, if you are above the age of 40 and reasonably healthy, you will get it. It can be used to do hard physical labor, or prove to the younger crowd that you are not as old as they think you are. It is usually lost around the ages of 65-70 depending on your health.
John has old man strength, so he could outwork even the healthiest young men in his profession.
by Jeff4444 December 6, 2007
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a physical quality that entails unforeseen strength of an individual, including unexpected techniques based off of life experiance, and the ability to conquer others based on having more age age than them.
Joel: a twenty five year old male, with grey hair and a flabby body, on unemployment, who undeniably beats others at arm wrestling ( beats others who have a much better physique ) because of his past experiences with dirty manly jobs.
"He only won because of his 'old man strength'"
"thats cheating - thats 'old man strength'"
by joel b from oou November 3, 2007
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A unseen unforetold strength they usually comes to you around the age of 40. Where your ancestors strengths come through you. Also from a hard life with physically demanding jobs and experience because of age. Usually leaves the body around 65 to 70 years of age depending on health.
With his old man strength no matter how hard we tried. He beat all of us in wrestling.
by Old man strength September 5, 2018
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