A term popularized by bitchrap artist Soulja Boy. Ice-t, one of the greatest gangster rappers of all time, dissed Soulja Boy in a mixtape. In response to this, Soulja Boy posted a video on Youtube in which he repeatedly refered to Ice-T as an "old ass nigga". Everytime he said this, his two slaves in the background would let out a fake laugh. Soulja Boy is now one of the moist disrespected artists in all of modern music.
Soulja Boy: You'z an old ass nigga Ice-T, an old ass nigga. Man, how you gon tell a 17 year old to eat a dick? Old ass nigga!!!

Soulja Boy's Slaves: HAHA. nice one Soulja Boy!

What Soulja Boy's Slaves are thinking in their heads: That shit got old the first 50 times he said it.
by Black_Spade July 1, 2008
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