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An exclamation of surprise, confusion or happiness.
The origin of the term is disputed yet many believe it stems from the opening verse of Steppenwolf's 'The Pusher'
*a man is confronted by a mischievous bullfrog*......'Oh lordy'
*after purchasing a single shot at a bar, a double shot is somehow decanted*....'Oh lordy'
*after insufflating a sizable amount of controled narcotics*.....'Oh lordy'
by Dr. Hardardi September 16, 2013
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A sexual position where the male lies on his back while one female rides his face and another female rides his cock. At the moment of climax, someone yells, "Oh Lordy!"
Andy laid on his back in anticipation while Sharon lowered her wet pussy down on his face. As his tongue slid over her clit, Elizabeth slipped his throbbing cock inside of her dripping cunt. It didn't take long for his excitement to build and as Elizabeth yelled out, "Oh Lordy!", Andy could feel his cum explode deep inside her. This set off Sharon's orgasm and she came all over Andy's face.
by The Seeing Eye Bard February 06, 2018
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