A minced oath from the 40's and 50's, now used a little more ironically.

An exclamation, akin to "Oh, gosh!" or "Oh my God", used to express frustration, disbelief, or unbelievable tiredness. Can also be said in reaction to someone jumping out of your closet and scaring the shit out of you.

More often used by chicks than guys, but your mileage may vary. Best when pronounced with a Wisconson accent.
Chad: Oh golly, I had a rough day at work today.

Saz: Suck it up, you wuss.
by freakydeakscale February 09, 2010
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Extreme surprise, especially when followed by a laugh
Used by Liam Payne
Liam Payne towards Rita Ora when she dressed as Post Malone
*Liam sees Rita*
"Oh..my, golly golly gosh"
oh my golly golly gosh
by liampaynelover October 31, 2018
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-A way to show sadness and displeasure.
Teacher: Alright class we are pretty much done for today, and now I'll will let you guys just mess around. But first, any questions?


Amy: I really don't know what a logarithm is, can you help me?

Teacher: Sure Amy! Just allow me to take the rest of the class! :D

by Salty Old Lady April 28, 2010
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