abbrevs form of official or officially. depends of verb usage.
Person 1: Did you hear Steve and Macie
Person 2: Are they facebook offish yet?
by abbrever January 2, 2010
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Pushing people away or not reciprocating with someone. Usually in a very terse way.
I try to be friendly to my nerdy cleanfreak roomate; but his manchild like offishness is getting on my nerves.
by creosote February 12, 2016
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offishal is the jamaican yardie term for Official.
" We Nahh Sniff charlie So Mi Have Fi Big UP The Legend Bob Marley, da Yardie offishall"
by ikoma March 7, 2012
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someone who only speaks to people in one word answers and is not able to have longer than a 20 second conversation.
fredrick aka humpty dumpty is very stand offish and needs to stay away from the sugar.
by caseee August 29, 2006
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Related to stand-offish, a person or group is sit-offish when they choose to sit away from persons or groups they know because they are aloof or just assholes.
When the gang walked into they bar, they saw Brad and Janet sitting in a prime position. After their big falling out, the gang chose to be sit-offish and sit in a far corner of the bar.
by Zaphod63 July 16, 2012
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When a couple is at a club, or in a public place, and are obviously avoiding each other, wether they know it or not.
Another example is, When boy friend & girl friend don't talk to each other at school, or make other people believe they aren't even going out.
"oh wow look jimmy is acting so stand offish towards jenn, it's like they don't even like each other."
by Emma Smith August 4, 2006
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