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Old English Sheepdog, used primarily for driving sheep to market. Generally the breed has docked tails, thus their nickname being the 'Bobtail'. Intelligent and good-natured.
The Old English Sheepdog on their farm was great with the kids, its furry coat made it look like a teddy bear.
by xoLullaby March 17, 2005
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A term that can be added to the end of any word. Generally this is done to create conversation amusement.
<George> "Did you drink on the weekend Stu?"
<Stu> "Beeroes !!!"
<George> "What are you talking about Stu?"
<Stu> "Whatoes !!!"
<George> "You're a wanker Stu !"
<Stu> "Wankoes !!!"
<George> "I'm going."
<Stu> "Go-oes !!!"
by Stu October 19, 2003
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