Neither party really cares about the other, but they stay together because it's easier than breaking up.
I'm in an obtusive relationship because she just won't breakup with me.
by ohmygodimasian April 16, 2014
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Refers to the act of having sex in the missionary position with a female who is too fat and or inflexible to create an acute angle between her torso and thighs.
I can't beleive you banged that fat war pig MG....she must have been an obtuse fuck.
by Phil R-C May 18, 2010
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Warrior:Obtuse Nigga we come to fight you!
Squire:Why did you summon him we will all die!
by The True Obtuse Nigga February 28, 2019
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1) a: a big fat booty (as opposed to "a cute" booty)
b: a tushy exceeding 90 degrees
c: an exceptionally wide train car bursting at the steams
d: the rear region of an obese person
e: an incredibly vast rump
1) "Wow! Look at that obtuse caboose!"

2) "Hey, Can you move? I can't get around your obtuse caboose."

3) "Hey, you need to train to turn that the obtuse caboose into a cute caboose!"

4) "Let's take a tour of the obtuse caboose!"
by geometriclogos November 26, 2019
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A Zelda themed position that, at least, involves two males, two females and a protractor. (Can involve three males and three females, but such complexity is rarely successful since it requires a second protractor).
Link is pretty lazy, so when he uses the obtuse triforce position , he gets Navi to hold the protractor.
by BluePine7 November 30, 2012
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What Bruce Willis would be if he was a triangle.
"The FOUR ROOMS were in the shape of an Obtuse Willis triangle."
by PoliPotter April 13, 2009
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