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short for Orange Blossom Trail, a major street in Orlando, Florida, known for the whores and hos who tend to work there.
Becky, where's the money you earned me working your corner down on OBT?
I got ran over by on-going traffic so I was unable to produce the expected income, Jay.
by Humaira June 23, 2005
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Short for Orange Blossom Trail, the southern part of it is the ghetto or slum of Orlando Florida. It is crackhead hell.
Man: Don't go down to south OBT at night, especially if you are a tourist.
by thaskizz July 18, 2008
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Mark says to Brittney : She's over there talking crap about you.

Brittney says : So, OBTS.
by Hayley Bosman July 06, 2008
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OBT = Operation Back Track. When you've fucked up something royally - and you're trying to get out of it, with as little damage as possible.
He was dating two different girls on the sly, but when one found out about the other - he had to commence OBT.

She failed her drug test, now she's trying to OBT before her court date on monday.
by (e)verything April 29, 2009
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