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The stage in video game or software development where the general public can play the game to find any last known bugs.
Have you downloaded the open beta for the new Halo?
by 8R4/\/|)0/\/ August 10, 2016
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The last stage of game development where the game is open to every player for a final test to the game and to resolve any issues that people may find.
by Blizzard is GAY November 08, 2004
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Open Beta is the stage of devolopment where you have to Pre-Purchase the game to have the privelege to test it for any final bugs.
"Pre-Purchase for OPEN BETA EARLY ACESS" - Overwatch, Blizzard
by Aviatic March 08, 2016
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open beta is one of the phases for modern software development. it is the time when a company either gives or charges early access to a mostly developed or fully developed software title. In return for this early access the end user is requested to report any issues found in the software. The most open, open beta I have seen was window 10. when it was free to upgrade that was an open beta for Microsoft to use people for automatic bug reporting via intelligent software that watches and reports problems in Microsoft to Microsoft.
Hey guys have you played Star citizen yet, its in open beta right now. Ya it was a little buggy, but it was soooo much fun!
by AlfredHickBot August 12, 2016
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the first hit's always free...
blizzard's WoW is open beta right now, $10 a hit after tbat
by whoa November 11, 2004
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