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Or best offer

Use in forum classfieds sections.
The chastidy belt is $30 obo.
by eulerfx April 03, 2004
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Short form for "or best offer." Usually used in adds to let people know that the price of whatever they are selling is open to negotiation, and that they will accept the best offer if the asking price is not met.
I am selling a TV for $50 O.B.O.
by buy/sell/trademe June 07, 2010
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OBO means 'Or best offer' mainly used in classifieds, or websites such as craigslist.
craigslist posting: 'Selling Laptop for $400 OBO'
by melonmonkey889 April 14, 2011
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Under observation but the police
I can’t trap right now , the feds have got me under obo
by Jamba August 14, 2019
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Adj. An abbreviation of the classifieds/sales term "Or best offer". Used in the context of describing a man or woman who will take whatever he/she can get in the way of romantic companionship.
Melissa? She's a drunk with a lot of mileage on her. She's truly OBO.

Adam has slept with all of his friends' ex-girlfriends and now he's been hanging around that creepy, snaggletoothed, bettie page impersonator's house. Isn't she almost 50? Officially OBO.
by VRB February 28, 2007
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On Behalf Of.
Representing o=communication on behalf of another 3rd party orginasition or body.
In written conmmunication: i.e. formal letter etc.

Signed: James Whistle. OBO Musical supplies Inc
by Jim Le Gros August 19, 2005
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