Stands for OBstetrics and GYNecology. It's a type of doctor dealing with the female anatomy. Pronounces as "oby-gin"
Made your appointment with your obgyn?
by emisgreat July 18, 2006
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gynecologyst a.k.a pussy doctor
go to the obgyn to get your pussy checked
by sedition December 17, 2006
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most commonly known as a doctor for vaginas

a lesser known meaning of the word stangs for:

O - original
B - baby
G - gangsta
Y - ya'
N - nigga

Gang member #1- "Mayne who da fuk do you think you is?
Gang member #2- "OBGYN"
Gang member #1- "My b, my b... we cool arite?"
by 2076136 April 3, 2008
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Had my burner tuned up today by a dirty slob, calls himself an OBGYN.
by tirtle September 14, 2018
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fake netspeak abreviation used to hate on n00bs in an irc chatroom who overuse netspeak.
n00b1: OMG WTF!
n00b2: OMG I wz lk ROTF!
n00b1: I wz lk LMFAO!
H8R: fucking n00bs
by davecole April 26, 2005
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when thinking about vagina doctors i want fried chicken.
aly: i went to the obgyn
jon: vaguna doctor? yum
aly: why yum?

jon:makes me hungry.
aly:for pussy?
jon: no for fried chicken
aly: so obgyn and fried chicken?
by alyoop April 1, 2011
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