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Stands for OBstetrics and GYNecology. It's a type of doctor dealing with the female anatomy. Pronounces as "oby-gin"
Made your appointment with your obgyn?
by emisgreat July 18, 2006
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A medical doctor who specializes in female plumbing, aka the reproductive system. From "obstetrician-gynecologist."
I was an amateur OB-GYN before my arrest. I liked sticking my nose into women's snatches.
by Cornholio November 04, 2003
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Obi-Wan Kenobi's half brother, celebrated pervert. 2000 alternate Republican delegate.
Call OB-GYN Kenobi for all your heating and cooling needs.
by A. Horace Isahors April 09, 2005
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an acronym for Oh Babies! Gee Y Not? From obstetrician-gynecologist.
Pregnant women have appointments at the OB-GYN.
by meemeegurl December 26, 2009
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Pronunciation: O-'bi-g&n
Function: noun
Etymology: Occupational surname from ancient Hibernian obstetrics and gynecology proefssionals.

The O'Bgyn legend describes a wild creature with Queens, New York affected speech roaming the town of Newport, Rhode Island on Saint Patrick's day. Accounts have portrayed the creature as hilarious with a penchant for tequila and Thunderdome. It is theorized that the true O'Bgyn creature is of Colombian origin and undergoes a mutation at the cellular level every March 17th which manifest foul Irish traits for a duration of 24 hors.

Called also "O'rlando"
Rhode Island Jock 1: Hey brah, hand me another Natty Light.

Rhode Island Jock 2: Are you crazy? Didn't you hear there's an O'Bgyn at this bar?
by Lawler April 11, 2006
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