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The state of having one's testicles inside another's asshole, or your own, if you're talented. Also some states of the mangina.
Oh Darling, let us make nuttocks this evening!
by Homonucleus January 27, 2005
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The area between a man's nuts and buttocks. Also known as a "grundle" or "gooch".
My girlfriend firmly fondled my nuttocks while sucking my cock.
by Patrick Lanni January 20, 2004
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First used in East Anglia, England in 2018, to describe the combined area of testicles, scrotum and buttocks. Attributed to Ted and Lew (2018).
"Hey, that ball just hit me in the nuttocks".

"I went to the doctor with a problem with me nuttocks".

When watching a nature documentary, "look at the size of that chimps nuttocks".
by Enkababu May 14, 2018
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