When the fat folds of your neck form into the shape of a cunt when in a buttoned up shirt
Trump doesn't have a neck, he has a nunt!
by iamarealamerican October 2, 2019
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Derived from the phrase 'Nun's Cunt', it does indeed refer to a nun's vagina.
back when I had
my first sweet taste of nunt
by Mingus Tourette December 1, 2003
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derived from cunt, meaning vagina, and nigger, meaning a person of the african race. Thus an african vagina
I fucking hate that Andrew because he always is on the look out for some god damn nunt
by Evan February 6, 2005
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noun. an ambiguous word to describe whatever you damn well please
Have you had your nunt today?
I prefer yellow nunts.
Have you fed your nunt today?
Hey there is a nunt over there.
Have you seen the little nunt under the bed?
I keep my nunt in a little shoebox.
There seems to be many nunts under the toilet seat.
Nunts are so wonderful!!!!
by Hop 1 February 18, 2004
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When a girl or boy is sexually reserved (frigid). No sexual desire.
Rob : “I want to take her home”

Robs mate : “Even if you do nothing will happen because she’s a nunting
by Baitey July 23, 2018
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when a person is nunted, it means that they have been successfully trolled by the nugget hunters ( nunters )
jessica: bro i just got nunted
jake: that must have been awful
by alebanana March 7, 2021
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Primary definition: Nun cunt

Secondary definition: Neoliberal who is acting like a cunt
That Hill Bot Nunt is such a centrist sheep!
by dmarti11 August 21, 2019
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