The act of making thick in the warm / doing sex on a lady / putting your choo choo train in a womans tunnel
Im gonna make sex on a lady and number 3 in her warm
by ToppingPilot20 November 8, 2020
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Suzy was relieved when she finally had her number 3.
by Goofnut January 9, 2022
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Number 3 means full sex with a woman. Ask and agree = three - rhyming slang.
Men often visit prostitutes for Number 3
by Stias September 4, 2005
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The act of performing an abortion on a toilet, flushing down the fetus.
Sally was in the washroom for a long time because she went number 3.
by Gerry McGee April 8, 2008
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To vomit into a toilet. Typically done after a long night of drinking.
"Gross...someone's number 2 is gonna make me go number 3!"
by MarshoT December 1, 2009
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Taking a crap so big that it exceeds Number 2 status. A crap so large that you only see, hear about or experience it on a few occasions a lifetime. It is so big a plunger can't even begin to have an effect on it.
Man I wouldn't go in there because Johnny just took a Number 3 and a plumber is on the way to unclog the pipes.
by BackDoorMan84 August 31, 2014
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The beer shits. Also known as pissing out your ass or shitting through a screen.
"Dude, I drank too much Mickey's last night and need to take a number 3."
by k-l-s August 13, 2008
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