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1. A young noob

2. People that are more immature than the average noobs.

3. An extreme noob
Only a nooblet like you could've done that!
by PB March 07, 2005
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1. Someone that is so much of a noob, the person has became a nooblet.

2. A baby sized version of a noob

The term "noob" or "n00b" is a person lacking the ability in something.

The term "let" means that something is very small like a shoob"let" "Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time"

3. Nooblet is a person that REALLY lacks in the ability to do something.
Shut up nooblets I can pwn you in that game.

You little nooblets go away from me.
by Aweex pee August 28, 2010
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like a noob, only is usually alot younger and thus a lot more ignorant to obvious facts. they usually follow you around, and click trade with you about 10 times. when you allow the trade, they either put nothing up, hoping for free things, or they put something totally usless up and ask for an insane ammount of money for it.
nooblet: trade! trade!
pot head370: fine what
(trade window opens)
pot head370:..........what????
nooblet: give me something for free, im new so i deserve free stuff
pot head370 declines trade

~or senario number two~
(nooblet puts up empty pot and bucket of water into trade window)
pot head370: what the fuck am i suppost to do with that?
nooblet: give me 5k for it, its rare
by pot head370 September 02, 2006
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The n00blet is the baby of the n00b. Just like the piglet is the baby of the pig. The word describes a n00b who is worse and younger than the average n00bs.

Man you're such a n00b! But if it can help you feel better, my 8 years old brother is a nooblet.
by Gyuri December 20, 2006
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A noob in training. Unlike a noob, nooblets still have the capacity to turn back. If you happen to encounter a nooblet, it is recommended that you back off, as nooblets are more fierce than noobs, but don't know how to insult. This may lead to random jibberish, that not even noobs can comprehend. You may need to call in professional help.
Guy 1: Owned!
Nooblet: GAWD FURCKING AIBRN 2b9b4nvsobn4...C4n+ Tawk 2d4y
Guy 2: Nooblet alert, back off, let our pro handle this guy.
Pro : *Slaps nooblet* STFU AND STOP BEING STUPID! It ain't cool, Kay?
Guy 3 (Formerly Nooblet): Oh sorry, I almost got killed by that disease. Thanks.
by ReapersSickness April 12, 2010
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A smaller version of a noob, a nooblet is often used to describe someone who has all the characteristics of a noob, but smaller and more annoying.
Person 1: Dude, did you see that sick game we just won? Those dudes were so lame.

Person 2: Yeah, I mean, who do they think they are, running up the field like that?

Person 1: They're just a bunch of Nooblets
by Master Fai January 31, 2010
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