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electro trance indie type music. followers use glow sticks and wear neon clothing.
klaxons are so nu rave!
by mel33 April 12, 2007
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Nu rave is a type of music predominantly from England, it combines indie with electronic beats and MCing. Some bands are considered nu rave such as the klaxons, these bands show the more indie side of the spectrum whereas bands such as Hadouken! show a mix of grimey beats with indie guitars and MCing. It has become quite mainstream and the "fashion" that follows it consists of bright/neon colours and 80s clothes, also slogan t-shirts such as "make music not missiles", "save the rave", "be a sinner not a winner" etc. very topshop.
"he's well nu rave, he shops in topman"
by Zacharyyy November 17, 2007
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A way of dressing/style that incorporates a lot of neon usually. The types of clothes can be seen on sites such as
Look at his neon shoe laces - he look really nu rave
by Raver? February 28, 2009
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nu rave is a so-called style of music and 'way of life' as termed by NME Magazine in an article about the Klaxons in March of 2007. Subsequently stores became full of 'nu-rave' merchandise resembling a hideous combination of the worst aspects of 80's, early 90's and chav fashions.

Unlike Punk or other styles which were seen to be outlandish in their day, the nu-rave style is not at all individualistic and has not developed alongside political or social movements over the years ... in fact, it is an overnight style which was cleverly prepared, marketed, and deployed onto consumers by corporate giants.
corporate guru #1: do you think anyone will notice that within days of NME Magazine coining the term, the shops are all coincedentally filled with nu rave items?
corporate guru #2: no, they dont think... they are sheep
corporate guru #3: finally - this is my chance to unload the warehouse full of fashion faux-pas I've been stocking up since 1987
by the_common_man May 30, 2007
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Nu Rave is when rich young children 'rave' in a licensed venue, listening to average indie pop bands who call themselves Nu Rave to get the rich young kids to buy their records and make them and their record companies/the venues money.
"Hey Ollie are you coming to Koko Nu Rave night tonight, it'll be jolly good fun. We can buy GLOWSTICKS and wear colourful trousers and act all kerayzeeeeeee, then we can come back to mine and get Jeeves to russle us up a couple of VODKA AND TONICS!..... man"
by stag head May 06, 2007
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Most people would say that "Nu Rave" is a type of genre electronica/techno/pop/indie that bands like "Klaxons" would come under, others would say it's a way that people dress, which seems to consist of 80's era clothing, and bright, neon colours and stuff. The whole "Make Love Not War" T-shirt thing is also supposedly "Nu Rave". the point. I personally think that Nu Rave is the new emo. Before everyone seemed to be obsessed with the whole emo thing and now all of a sudden New rave has come about. I dont think it's individual. I think it's boring. Don't get me wrong, i have nothing against people who catagorize themsleves, other people, or bands and stuff, i just dont like the whole "putting people into groups" thing.

In fact, i love bright colours, ive worn lots of bright colours for ages and now all of a sudden its a new trend. I just don't like trends thats all. They pass. Ah well..thanks for reading. xxx.
Nu Rave. I dont actually know what "examples" are. Im nuuu ti this.
by Heddle June 14, 2007
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