noyce, adj. - nice if said by a dutchman or an aussie. cockney or phoenetic pronunciation
Jay: Yo! Check out my new altezza lights!
Tony: Noyce, noyce....
by def June 16, 2004
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When something is pleasurable and nice.
A good time.
Sweetness of circumstance.
it's time to get noyce!
That doob is really noyce man.
by AnthonyWeaver March 29, 2006
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An urban or inner-city slang word for the term "nice".
Yo dawg, dat bitch has a NOYCE bootay!
by webphenom July 21, 2005
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abbreviation of "none of your concern"
used to shut someone up when it's none of their business
similar to nunya
"what were you and Jonas talking about?"
by squacoon March 4, 2019
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A variation of 'Nice' Originating from the West Country.
James - "Did you hear the new tune from mixmaster on Heart FM today?"
Ashley - "Oh Yes it was noyce!"
by GrapefruitYaDecak January 31, 2015
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Abbreviation for "Nuts on ya chin". It is meant figuratively, and as an expression of superiority.

1. Used mockingly to provoke or taunt somebody that you just beat at a game.

2. Used to exxagerate an insult. Can also be used in place of the word "burn!"
1. "Haha. Noyc, noob, noyc. GG."

2. "Fuck you, punk-ass bitch! *Noyc!!*"
by Biomechanical December 1, 2005
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When something is nice people say noyce
Brandon Case always says "that is very noyce"
by Udek who I am November 29, 2015
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