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A town in Marin County, California... Not a state. Seven exits of nothing. They filmed Radio Flyer here. Battle-Bots began here. Our town hall looks like a barn.
I'm from Novato.
by Brendan Young January 03, 2008
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1.A town in northern California, population of about 50,000, that resides about 45 minutes from the great city of San Francisco. Many rich people, as this town is in the famously overpriced Marin County, second richest county in the country. Consists mostly of old, retired people that like to yell at bored, usually high, teenagers and familes raising multiple children under the age of 10. Not much to do other than go to parks, Vintage Oaks, and Century Rowland Theater. Most teenagers end up spending their time partying, high, or spending nearly every weekend in San Rafael, San Francisco, or Tahoe. A nice place to grow up but most people get out right after graduating from either San Marin High or Novato High (Novato being superior), the majority ending up at Santa Rosa JC, Chico, or UC Santa Cruz. Everyone ends up back in Novato.

2.A Town commonly mistaken as Nevada in conversations.
1. You grew up in Novato? Where the hell is that?

2. I live in Novato.
by Tina from Da Bay March 09, 2008
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1. a town in northern marin country, california

2. a shithole
Hi, I'm from novato! (or) This place is fifty a night? It's an F'ing novato!
by Aaron D March 10, 2005
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hmmmmm word up.
novato (n.) : 1) place filled with boredom 2)( n.) town in norther california where teenagers have nothing to do 3) (n.) a place where no one ever actually stays, most people leave as soon as they can 4) (n.) the home of the square
Have you ever been to Novato? No it's hella boring, ew
by kaaak July 02, 2006
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An extremely dull town in Nor Cal, just north of San Francisco. Essentially, th only entertainment in town is the Cinema, for anything else, you will have to go out of town.
Home to two high schools, the magnificent San Marin High and the sub-par Novato High.
"Hey man, where you from?"
"Ooooh, that sucks"
by Doug Wilson December 13, 2007
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Extremely dull city in California, just north of San Francisco. The only upshots are if you enjoy wandering aimlessly through residential streets. Most known for the rivalry between Novato High and San Marin High, which shouldn't exist because San Marin kicks Novato's ass. It's often confused with Nevada. It has a lot of trees and is near many wineries because it is located in Marin County.
I live in Novato.
No, Novato.
Yeah, that's what I said.
Not Nevada, No-vah-toe.
Oh. Where's that?

I live in Novato.
The place with all the trees and wine?
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Novice...Not just a town, A town full of rich kids who have nothing to do but spend daddies money on kicks, weed and a way out...
ok here we go, do-re-mi-fa-so, I'm so la-di-da so
lyrical rise flow, give back the tobasco
you mother f**kers mustsanot know the tic tac songs
time to show you the mo kick ass flow in the cosmos
Picasso with a pick axe a sick shole
she tac toe frozen six pack with exacto
knives, strangling wives with pig lasso
few bags of the green grass, zig zags, im with the doc so
you know how that go, skull and crossbones
this is poison, the boys and girls who do not know
you do not want to try this at home my novato

this is niether the time or the place to get macho
so crack a six pack, sit back with some nachos
maybe some popcorn, and watch the show and just rock slow
it's not what you expected, tho what you thought though
bout time to you wake the f**k up smell the pot smoke
by LazyD May 24, 2011
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