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When you have casual sex with someone and then never meet with them ever again
Bob was horny, and the girl he met at the bar was not that attractive...but he WAS horny, so he took her to a motel to tap it and scrap it
by noodles montgomery December 01, 2008

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something other than ice
Sometimes there is ice and sometimes there's notice.
by noodles montgomery November 29, 2016

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A shirt with spunk stains (usually the result of a masturbatory session when tissues or toilet paper were out of reach) that a guy knowingly wears out in public.
Harry thought he could get away with wearing his squirt shirt to the company picnic, but it was a plain white t-shirt, and the cum stains were clearly visible to his boss and co-workers.
by noodles montgomery October 18, 2009

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To have sex and then get out...quickly

Similar to Hit it and Quit it and Fuck and Chuck
-Are you gonna Sleep Her and Keep Her?
--Nah, I'm just gonna Tap It and Scrap It.
by noodles montgomery November 19, 2008

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