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1. Any color that isn't the color brown.
Also usable with other colors, such as "not purple." Sometimes used when people are colorblind.

2. The response you give when people think your favorite color is brown, but it isn't.
Specifically used when a person has a tendency to wear lots of brown, and people often believe that this color is their favorite color.

3. Term used for people whose skin fair. Can be used as an ethnicity.
Person 1: What color is that she's wearing?
Person 2: I'm colorblind, so I'm not sure, but I think it might be not brown.

Person 1: Nice brown pants, brown jacket, brown shoes, and brown shirt.
Person 2: Thanks.
Person 1: So, what's your favorite color?
Person 2: Not brown, actually.

Person 1: So, my girlfriend and I just had a date last night.
Person 2: I didn't know you had a girlfriend. What is she?
Person 1: Not brown.
by DropsOfInk February 03, 2009
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