The state in being the same as everyone else.
Person: Why aren't you more normal?
Me: Read my definition. Does it look like I want to be like everyone else?
by LOLtasticals ~<3 January 08, 2008
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Any member of the species homosapiens who looks down on others because of their unorthodox interests, style of dress, or belief in J. R. "Bob" Dobbs' prophecy that the world will end on July 5, 1998
Come the Rupture, the normals will be left to their firey fates, and the Payed Up Subgenii will be swept away in the Xist pleasure saucers, whose walls exude cheeseburgers for eternity.
by Artemia Salina May 07, 2003
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nothing. saying something is normal makes everything else abnormal.
i dont fit any stereotypes im just normal
oh so your calling those people abnormal!
by lady darkness December 22, 2006
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Located in the middle of corn land Illinois, home of the red birds of ISU as well as a large and extremely intrusive police force. At the school you will find lots of greenery! The town is known for the mandatory minimum and the laddies. Everything else is normal.
Normal police are at it again.

Yo let's hit up the bars at down town Normal

Does this look Normal?- Nah, you should get that checked out.
by MerckSauce27 May 01, 2011
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A non-exceptional individual with nothing uncommon about them who despise on others for being distinctive, interesting or "not typical" even in the scarcest.

Individuals who are Normal would state that somebody with Autism is Retarded.

Individuals who are Normal would state that somebody who is Gay fucks Animals.
You're just despising and putting us down in light of the fact that you are Normal.
by Larry Koopa January 17, 2017
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A town in central Illinois, whose name fits all too well. This town is conservative and boring.
Person 1: Have you ever been to Normal, Illinois?

Person 2: Yes. Once. I left immediately.
by That one person guy June 28, 2007
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okay, first of all, there are different views of "normal" okay. second of all, being "normal" isn't just about being just like everybody else, well in this world it is i suppose because everyone just follows all of the fashions and pointless stuff like that but, "normal" is just something that your parents tell you that you're not because you prefer to read a book rather than watch television, or you dress differently than others, or that you actually VOICE your opinions rather that keep them to yourself even though young people's opinions hardly count for crap in this world, but everyone's personal views of being "normal" is different. Get over it.
Parent: Why can't you just be normal for a change, you know my friend Mandy's kids aren't like you!

Kids: Well, your friend Mandy's kids are only 5 and 9 and we're not!! and What is "normal" anyways?!"
by **N** December 17, 2004
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