Nooty (nu-tee) noun: used to describe the booty and the nookie together.
She told me to eat her nooty, so I ate her ass and pussy.
by Papa Rog September 03, 2015
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Nootiful is a person; referring to both genders as Hawt and Funny. Anyone can be Nootiful, furries, weebs etc.
She's so nootiful, I wish I could be more like her!
by Nootiful October 22, 2018
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Used to describe people who do not have booty or simply have a flatter butt
Girls who have nooty hit the gym 10 times harder than those who are naturally born with nicely shaped butt.
by xzxz17990 July 10, 2020
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A word that is used to emphasize a point.

Lit. Something equivalent to the mass of one noot.
That was hard as nooty booties.

Wanna go chill nooty booty ?
by nootybootyman February 08, 2011
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