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A nickname for new Google employees. Derived from the propeller hats that say "Noogle" which they are given their first day on the job.
by Jojo Krako December 07, 2007
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A collection of stories, headlines and links for news sites arranged in an aggregated space on one page. etc.
by Baron Smart May 06, 2008
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a word or phrase which yields no search results on google.
searching google for the word "overdrasticated" yields no results, hence it is a noogle.
by thewebguy March 21, 2006
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A sports team that loses a lot but still manages to be pretty darn lovable
Those bunch of Noogles might not be any good on the field, but they're great at the bar after.
by picniclightning April 30, 2009
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A Person That Dont Have Internet Service And Has To Use Somebodys WiFi Or Hotspot
Your NOOGLE NewGoal Is To Pay Your Cell Phone Bill And Have Google
by GhettoQueen September 24, 2016
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To "oogle" over Nathan Followill. Putting the word oogle and the first letter of Nathan's name together to create: noogle

Nooglers are the people who like to noogle.
I spent all day noogling over Nathan's pics.

The Nooglers like to noogle over Nathan.
by jigglytuffy February 11, 2009
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