Nutritional yeast, the pungent yellow vitamin B-12-filled flakes loved by vegans everywhere. It tastes delicious in cheezy sauces and many other dishes. The term "nooch" was coined by the PPK.
Oh no, I'm out of nooch! However will I make macaroni and cheeze?
by AutumnVegan August 6, 2007
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A distinct facial expression featuring a very exaggerated frown in which the corners of the mouth are drawn down, almost to the jawline. The lower the corners, the better the nooch. Not unlike the face of a very grumpy, disgruntled, old man.
Did you see that kid's face? What a sick nooch!
by yimwaan November 20, 2010
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A blank word having no meaning except the one you want it to
Stop being such a nooch/ I will nooch you across the lake/ Stop noochin' and get over here/ You NOOCHBAG/ hey you gonna finish that nooch/ Get the nooch over here if you dont want me to nooch the noochin' nooch out of you, you noochy nooch
by Versinrik March 8, 2009
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Just kidding, don't kick my ass. (Usually at the end of a sentence containing an insult.)
"I'd do it, but I pulled my back out last night humping your mother, nooch.
by Darth Randal July 12, 2006
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The strip of skin between your johnson and your belly button; the opposite of a gooch.
Nad was getting his dick wet with Moniqua when suddenly Nad said, "Lick my nooch." Moniqua then said, "I usually don't lick nooch." To that Nad retorted, "You lick my nooch, RIGHT NOW!" Of course she abided.
by Nad Retard April 13, 2008
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a dyslexic boy that works at a pizzeria in Westchester
yo its nooch
by thetootman December 5, 2013
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