a word that is used for weapons in online games i.e. wolfenstein (panzerfrost), halo (rocket loncher / fulerod gun), counter strike ( auto shotgun bleve it or not).
1. omg i hate noobtubes.
2. i rock with the noob tube.
3. i am going to go crazy if i get owned agen by that noob tube.
by bobfishkins September 19, 2006
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Some one who uses over powered weapons in modern warefare 2, halo 3 etc. Weapons such as a gernade launcher with danger close or energy sword with sprint.
"Fuck man I just got killed by another Noob Tube".
by brainfreze27 March 29, 2011
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A term for the shotgun in Halo2. Any weapon called noob is actually a good weapon that players simply can't combat. This is due to suckage of the highest caliber. Or the lowest.
aids1214: Goshdamnit! You killed me w/ the noob tube!

spyderzer0: Suck it, kid. You just can't hang with me.
by Wes G. November 18, 2005
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The nickname of the the Halo or Halo II rocket launcher when used "noobily" by a noob that hogs the rocket launcher(the most powerful weapon in the game) and tends to "camp" but ultimately loses the battle and/or all his dignity and reputation.
"Your noob tactics only encourage us to severely own you in a few seconds and you won't have your stupid noobtube to help you, think fast ya nooblet!"
by Thy Froogle King March 22, 2005
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(-noun) The attachable grenade launcher in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

(-verb) Being killed by the attachhable grenade launcher in the Call of Duty series.
(noun) "Dude, don't use the 'Noob Tube', its hella gay"
(verb) "Oh shit!!! I just got 'Noob Tubed!'
by Blatent Lack of Judgement July 22, 2010
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A grenade at a party who waits till you are very drunk and just keeps on coming at you in order to try to hook up with you.
Man1:Shit man Jon was Noob tubed at the party. I felt so bad for him
Man2: Hahahahaha, she was so fat. Poor bastard
by DJ Comphy November 22, 2011
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