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the acronymn meaning "No one likes you".

pronounced: no-lee
Keith: Dana was so annoying last night, no one could stand her.
Jordan: I know dude, she was just so NOLY!
by ivysmells March 01, 2010
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The combination of Holyshit and no way
used when something blows your mind so hard that you cannot decide which phrase to say
"yo you see those three stars thats orion's belt, NOLY!"
by billahMcNoly February 17, 2010
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A kind and loving Dad, He cant think of anything else but the sake of his children and family.A clever, tough and a brave guy. A good friend to everyone and wants to meet lots of new person. He might not be the perfect men but he is a perfect son/dad.
Noly is a very good men you'll ever wanted to meet.
by J] May 14, 2018
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