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a really sweet, intelligent person that you can always count on. One of the most awesome people you will ever meet.
Dude! You are so noemy! Thanks!
by DaLidsters November 02, 2007
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A girl that doesn’t like when you add an “I” instead of a “Y” in her name. She is shy at first sight, but then becomes silly. She like to inspire people
“Did you hear about that Noemy girl, she looks shy
by NoemyF0611 July 12, 2018
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a crazy girl who is into weird and disturbing boys, she is not afraid to speck her mind!
noemy is a awesome girl
by crazyawsomegirl October 28, 2014
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Noemy is the most gourges girl ever. All the guys want her and she is thicc. When she gets older she will get thicker. You can always count on her. She is NOT fake, the most realest girl ever. She is into wierd guys and most of her friends are guys.she is that type of girl any guy would want to hang out with. she can get really flirty ;). She loves ieng around people and she is really popular. Any guy would be lucky to have her.
Guy.1 : dang she is a hottie

guy.2 : ik she is like my bsf

guy.1: dang hmu i want noemy
by jog123 April 30, 2019
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