When a sentence ends without punctuation due to limited character space on Twitter. The author can reinforce the Twitter Stop by using a capital letter to start the next sentence.
I may exceed the one hundred forty characters on my tweet about soups But I will use a Twitter Stop to save space & get my message out there
by gabejsanchez February 25, 2016
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When you want to say that something is unstoppable but you are a cool millennials
Bothiana post everything on her ig stories,she is stop-less
by lobloba April 2, 2020
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This is mostly used by fan-girls, censored content creators, ect

Stop hating on me! This sentence is dumb people are gonna hate you if your bad, of course, sometimes it’s not rare to see 10-11y-olds hating on popular animators, furrys, great art creators, ect
Bad person definition

???: bro stfu cringey ass 10y-old
Bad person: Stop hating on me!

Good person definition

???: LMAO that’s dumb kiddo
Good person: Stop hating on me! Please I’m trying my best
by Stop hating on me! September 5, 2022
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the term used to break up any argument between friends or siblings.
2 random friends of mine: *fighting over absolutely nothing*
Me: "guys stop fighting you're BOTH adopted."
2 friends: *abruptly stops fighting*
by stankorb March 16, 2021
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The thing people do every time they see a definition on Urban Dictionary
Jessica: I am going to ruin your day in one sentence.
Pokémon Fan: What is it then?
Jessica: Pokemon will end some day.
Pokémon fan: And that is the day I will stop living
Jessica: WHAT THE-
by Wolfs_Are_Cool November 7, 2021
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A command to shut someone up when you don't want to hear what the other person has to say, nor explain the reason why.
Larry tried explaining his ambitious unrealized dreams to Anne, but there was no way Anne could understand his rambling lectures, and half baked ideas.
As soon as Larry would say one of his key words Anne was on que like a conditioned Pavlov Dog with rabies uncontrollably command Larry to stop splaining.

Larry would pout, and stammer in response, but with no hope of continuing.
by mlhiss May 7, 2020
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"raining" is the part of emotions that keep flowing
the meaning of "it stopped raining" is that the person lost feelings
"I'm really sorry, i didn't mean to upset you"

"it stopped raining"
by leenlostit April 20, 2023
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