a word use by my crew when we about to stealizzle
Yo my nizzle lets go and dual square that shizzle
by ted December 7, 2004
Slang used for stupid people who think they are intelligent. Sometimes, "Square AI's" follow a cult or a leader. it is likely for them to serve two at the same time.
That man is being such a Square AI. I wonder who he is serving?
by ThezMeanz March 12, 2022
A person who follows rules and most likely has long pubes. Not to be confused with a Pukey Pube Pusher
All that virgin does is follows the rules, she's definitely a Long Haired Square.
by dan_gleewang January 4, 2021
Square root of 2(√2): hi 1/7
1/7: hi √2
√2: lets invite pi and e!
1/7: ok??
(pi,e,and √2 secretly planns to kill 1/7)
pi,e: hi there :)
pi: im 3.141592653...
e: im 2.718281828...
√2: im 1.414213562...
We never repeat!
1/7: im a repeated 857142...
Pi: just killing you thats alll
√2: kills 1/7
e: Bye have a great time
by ppgpp110 July 9, 2021
The act of squaring your body. Making yourself into the shape of a square by crouching down and raising your shoulders with your elbows bent level with your knees.
Person one: square up. (Proceeds to take their best shape of a square)
Person two: Alright then let's go (does the same but better)
by savagenigga69 December 10, 2021
G code slang for giving a hug so niggas on these skreets don’t think you soft/nice.
Yo dawg, sad nigga hours have me lately.

Stfu and square up nigga!
by Sad Boi George November 4, 2019