Also commonly used in Merseyside to describe an underacheiver, with no friends, no ambition, no job, but who often has illusions that he is someone or thinks he's important.
Look at fat Eddie with his new suit on. He's trying to look important but he's just a no mark.His last job was milk monitor in first grade.
by PWD July 2, 2006
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First heard in Manchester in the early 90's a NO MARK is a man who is mediocre and not a sucess in life. One who has left "no mark" on the world
"Get a better car and get a girlfriend you no mark
by DanTheMan123 June 23, 2004
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I was walking through the cemetary late one night and I heard someone call my name.
Mark Mark
It turned out to be a harelipped dog.
by wolfbait51 May 9, 2011
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A person who believes everything he or she hears or is so out of place that they are easily targeted by people that mean harm or fair game for bullies.
That person is so easily fooled everyone can tell that they are a mark.
by FM Punk October 18, 2018
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The target of a scam.
The scammers used fake job postings to lure their marks into giving up sensitive personal information.
by bichonbich January 29, 2021
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mark has committed mutiple war crimes through out his life in Yugoslavia with is big, hard jonson
mark is a profesional retard
by sexoffender101 November 1, 2023
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