Intuitive system of ranking value in people based on their behavior towards you and others
Tony the Tiler says there is a continum that exists whether you are conscious of it or not people rank each other. There is a pyramid that forms from this stream of consciousness. People that are generous go to the top of his list. Take care of these patrons and give them everything you can muster we need to reward them the truly noble of this life

And when you see great work you will see a mirror to a truly noble lord

And when you see crookety fuck tile work ask yourself was the owner of that pile of shit a shit dung beetle

Or did he buy the house with a shit monument

We are all connected angels and demons

MLK says truth prevails in reality

There is a loyalty pyramid

Focus on the positive and give more than you receive reward nobles and one day you might be at the top of the pyramid
by Tonythetiler April 16, 2021
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System of ranking peoples value to another person
Tony the Tiler told me about the loyalty pyramid. He ranks people by their treatment to him. He can communicate to his buds the rank. It even has timeline.
Kinda like what have you done for me lately but adds in intrinsic integrity, down to earth and a willingness to see Tony the Tiler make it to the top of his pyramid.
Which is to be a straight up guy with unquestionable loyalty to his crew.
by Tonythetiler April 17, 2021
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Trump isn’t a treasonous traitor, it’s just Alternative loyalty to Russia.
by Meh1776 July 17, 2018
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The expression of devotedness to world renown writer, producer, and director Hope Royaltey; steadfast allegiance to all of Hope Royaltey's endeavors including, but not limited to:, "The P@ssionate & The Privileged", and a wide variety of fun & exciting, interactive Twitter trivia games. Brilliantly conceived by the Captain's Body Slave.
You decided to play Twames (TM) instead of going to your own birthday party??? That sure is some Royaltey Loyalty you've got goin' there!
by Gertie, SuggestionBoxGuardian November 8, 2010
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When you break-up with a girl who treated you like crap and cheated on you, and your friends tell you not to talk to her after the break up in order for you to recover, but over the course of five years they themselves hang out with her, despite not being friends with her prior to your break up, and make it seem like she's an innocent party in it all. Their loyalty seems to waiver with the opposing side.
After Pear treated me like garbage, the Levin Loyalty kicked in to make it seem like what she did wasn't all that bad.
by Pear Sucks December 9, 2006
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A concept in business which is poorly understood by MBA-types and/or inside start-ups;
When quantified by your data analysts, these customers appear to be loyal to your brand as they keep on using your crap. However, qualitative studies will unravel that the intersection between the sentiment of these customers towards your company and the traditional definition of loyalty is non-existent.

Typical causes of lazy loyalty are companies making it hard for their customers to switch to a competitor, or a persistent apathy towards you among your customer base.
"Are these awesome retention numbers real, or is this simply a case of lazy loyalty?"
by PinkBunny1990 October 24, 2016
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Loyalty royalties is when ur boy gets payouts for hooking u up with the right cusites that produce enough cash for ur boy to get paidout
pudge pays madlee a $100 loyalty royalty cuz madlee hooked pudge up with timmy.
by madlee July 27, 2010
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