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Phrase used after one inadvertently says something that sounds emo
"that was a very meaningful haiku you wrote Guadalupe, no emo"
by clementizzle November 25, 2009
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Diction that is delivered in the same fashion as no homo that reverses possible assumption of emo characteristics. This may refer to emo music, emo fashion, emo lyrics, emo moshing, 'emo people', etc.

Some people may even use the term to REPLACE no homo, believing it to hold the same meaning either way.
Example 1: "I prefer smaller emo."
Example 2: "I hate it when bands go emo."
Example 3: "I made a song yesterday using my emo."
by RJamm June 26, 2008
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A term I made up that will probably never be used except by me maybe once resulting in me looking like a tool... It basically means you want to cancel the thought, possibility, and/or misconception of anything emo that you have just said or done or what you are about to say or do.
Meant to be the equivillent of the term no homo but being situationally different.
I almost cried when my favorite band finally hit the stage... No emo.
by Chandler89 August 22, 2006
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A phrase often used after someone says something that sounds emo, when its not meant to.
by Demindar May 28, 2011
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No-Emo is very similar to no homo. One will use "No-Emo" to state to another person that what they are about to say is to not be taken in a emo way.
Joe: Hey bro. How's life?

Steve: Dude, life has been, No-Emo, terrible lately. Allison broke up with me and then she sent me a text saying that she was pregnant and that i should go to an STD clinic.

Joe:That life has been great!
by Jim Richalds. November 25, 2009
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No Emo - (no emotion) Pronunced No-Ee-Mo

a phrase that allows one to talk intimately with a close friend of the opposite sex without fear of crossing the friendship line.
Male to female

I had a great time with you last night (no emo)

Were really good together (no emo)

Female to male

Your a really special guy (no emo)

i love spending time with you (no emo)

Your beauty exceeds the creation of the sun (no emo) .lol
by Getadictionary January 05, 2010
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a person with no emotions, like emo, just worse.
or no emotions whatsoever when talking.
noemo: *talks in a low, depressing voice* dude i won the lottery.
friend: dude, you are so noemo!
by Heidi Heiser March 17, 2007
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