To destroy, delete, kill, or otherwise remove.
Nix that photo of me, it's ugly.
by kevnull June 5, 2006
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To keep nix is an old english boarding school term for keeping a lookout. It is thought to derive from the word that was shouted by said lookout when a housemaster or teacher approached. Younger boys were instructed to "keep nix" while the older boys smoked, drank, buggered each other etc etc.
"I say Jenkins, will you keep nix while I roger young perkins there!"
"Quick run here comes Mr Cooke"
by grazza September 11, 2007
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Used when something is more than lit. The phrase refers to a Pheonix being reborn out of flames, you take nix out of pheonix and get nix.
Guy: Brooo that party was lit! A firecracker almost blew off Lady Gaga's wig and I won 40,000 dollars!
Guy 2: Nah, man. That shit-- that shit was nix.
by ale ale October 24, 2017
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A variation of the english word "nice" meant to sharpen its sound and make it more meaningful and less superficial.
Das sum nixe tofu burger u got der m8.
by TheFloatingSheep July 29, 2018
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An abbreviation for more or less any variety of unix system e.g. Linux, Free BSD, Solaris etc.

Used by those who have actually heard of OS's other than MS
by SilverFalcon October 10, 2004
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having cancelled an action or event
John Doe was gonna join us for hockey but Jane nixxed that idea.

We were workin' on throwin' a boozer but our landlord nixxed our plans
by RJBrown January 20, 2006
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