The oposit of YES.
U like?
by Dah-Kuf May 02, 2003
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Water sprite (fairy) that only appears to a person right before they die from drowning.
I knew the Nix hadn't yet appeared to me, so as of now, there was hope that I would survive.
by Emelie Awesome July 23, 2017
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To keep nix is an old english boarding school term for keeping a lookout. It is thought to derive from the word that was shouted by said lookout when a housemaster or teacher approached. Younger boys were instructed to "keep nix" while the older boys smoked, drank, buggered each other etc etc.
"I say Jenkins, will you keep nix while I roger young perkins there!"
"Quick run here comes Mr Cooke"
by grazza September 11, 2007
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Origin - Iowan Slang, specifically the Loras College area of Iowa.

1. To cancel or postponed
Game is nixed for today, I will let you know about practice here shortly.
by StangNation13 March 30, 2010
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A wild woman with a wild stronge heart. A natural artist, creator and intense lover. A friend like no other.
Person 1: what are you doing Nix?
Nix: Using my wild creative mind to create love wherever I go! You?
by Fruity 9 December 04, 2015
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