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a arabic name meaning wild rose

-whoever has that name is extremely pretty and attractive
wow she is such a nisrine.. just like a beautiful flower. I wish i looked like nisrine.
OR -> i should go pick some nisrine's for nisrine :P
by GucciiGUURL. December 03, 2009
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(Persian, French)
Meaning: Wild rose; sweetbrier.
Nisrine has a sensitive nature, she may not have an understanding of all that's around her, but he inhales and exhales what she can't grasp, hoping allas one day she will. And that she might. Can work vigilantly on anything she sets her mind and spirit unto. Wishes to disparage a mundane routine. Enjoys nature, and relaxes when in the out-doors. May unconsciously limit friends to people who share a common interest for the world and perplex ideas, and especially those who appreciate her introverted personality. People think she's hard to understand, but we're all simple. She lets a feeling fill her up until it bursts out through frustration, unless she releases herself through creativity and proactive activities.
Great friend.
Person Un; Woah that girl is weird!

Person Dos; Yeah a good weird, man. That's Nisrine.
by laurenn1120 May 20, 2014
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