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When a girl is horny, or cold, her nipples will get hard. When you can see hard nipples under a shirt, this is called nippin.
"Dayum! That foin bitch fuckin nippin dawg!"
by djBOGUE May 07, 2003
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When a girls nipple become erect a point out through their shirt for all to see.
Scum: "Yo did you see mrs.mcdonnell nippin today?"

Flie: "No what do you mean?"

Nose Picker: "Her point nipples are poking through her shirt."

Birds Nest" "Yea shes always nippin, she needs a bra."
by Block4Spanish December 09, 2010
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When your nipples get hard and/or show through your shirt.
"Why are you nippin' so much, girl?" "It's cold in here! Plus I've nipped my whole life!"
by JUL!4G3T$CRUNK! May 30, 2008
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When you don't want to say cool but, mean it and want to seem like you want to sound like you have a cool vocabulary.
Dude, that party was nippin.
by Nips'a'hoy April 13, 2014
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John: History was so boring..
Alex: Yeah, I def nipped the whole hour.

Ron: Why didn't you come to Jake's party?
Kevin: I had to work this I nipped all night.

Paul: Ahh man what were you two doing in that bedroom?!
Luther: We were just nippin, I swear!
by tonkatool July 10, 2008
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