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When a braless female's nipple accidentaly slips out from under a loose-fitting garment
Hold up, pause it there. Yup, total nip slip!
by Anonymous November 02, 2002
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short for "nippleslip". When a female nipple or at least the areola is showing, its called a nipslip.
Paris Hiltons nipple showed again, she had a nipslip.
by Kaipo December 05, 2006
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When a female celebrity "accidently" lets her nipple show or has her whole boob slip out. Check pictures of Lindsey Lohan.
by Eiken June 01, 2004
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When a nipple slips in to view.
She walked out on stage with her tit falling out, it was a hell of a nip slip!
by aaron4273 April 15, 2005
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When a nipple (more often than not, the nipple of a woman) slips out of an article of clothing, partially or fully, and is noticed by someone else.
She destroyed the nip slip photograph almost immediately
by anne on a mauz June 04, 2006
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when you're wearing a shirt with out a bra and your nip slips out and you can see it and the public is like "WTF, YOUR NIP IS OUT!"
dude your nip is out, wtf its a nipslip.
by hrtagm April 15, 2011
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To have the nipple showing on accident. Most common in public or on live t.v.
Don had such a nip slip the other day, he got embarrassed because he was on live t.v.
by #NipSlip March 25, 2014
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