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having noiseless sex (no squeaking springs or vocals) while one or more people are passed out in the same room.
li'l B was drunk and passed out in our room. we were horny, so we had ninja sex.
by Randi Red May 16, 2004
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1. sexual escapades that need to be performed in extreme acts of stealth and slyness, such by needing to remain anonymous to others around you.
2. sex at a party, movie theatre, or in the back seat of car when there are front passengers, in a house occupied by people other than yourself. where all acts performed must remain in shadows and be virtually silent. usually with clothes only 1/2 or partly off.
3. extremely drunken or high sex to where you are under the influence or alcohol or beer googles and the person you wake up next to you was definitely not the person you had remembered in your head. if it wasn't for their swift ninja like actions and your slightly impaired frame of mind then this wouldn't have happened. therefore ninja sex.
I hate when my inlaws come in town to visit. That means we have to have ninja sex for an entire week!

Do you remember Joe that frequents the bar? Yeah, I was pretty messed up last night and thought I was taking home a Dwayne Johnson look alike. When I woke this morning next to me I see Joe passed out! Damn ninja sex, if not Joe wouldn't have had a shot in hell!
by leovenus1977 January 17, 2009
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Sex in which no one can hear or see
noisless but pleasurful silent and unmarking sex

"why are there no wet marks on the bed and why didnt your parents hear us!?"
"I'm a ninja..."
"*gasp* i had ninja sex?!"
by YoungYulia September 14, 2006
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Contrary to popular belief, ninja sex does not have to be silent. It can include plenty of grunting, yelping, ass slapping, rapid bed squeaks, and dirty talk. Only the loudest screams of pleasure are discouraged, but are allowed if the place chosen to hook up is soundproof. For example, a bomb shelter.

To cover for noisy ninja sex, a covering sound is most common, although other techniques are also used (see above). All that is required for sexuals to qualify as ninja sex is that the sexuals are undetected by others not involved in the act.
Sontia tuned the radio in her boy's room to Radio Disney when she put him to bed, and turned it up a little once he was asleep, to provide cover for ninja sex with Tony.
by t_doffing July 20, 2009
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n. The act of having sex in a public location with the risk of being caught, but always escaping quickly and silently before capture or discovery, much like a ninja.
Ex: "The cops almost caught us having Ninjasex in the park, but we got away just in time."
by deadly.nightshade August 15, 2008
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based on the concept that ninjas can kill you without you knowing they're there, ninja sex is the act of having sex wit a person without them even knowing your fly is undone! in this situation its generally useful to be very quick or poorly endowed. both of which are traits known to be commonplace amongst ninjas oddly enough.
i was out the other night and stayed over in this girls place.decided i was too tired for a proper ride so i decided on a bit of ninja sex we were making out a bit and i got to taking out my dick, replaced my finger with it, blew my load tuk it out and got the finger bak in without her knowing. she asked the next morning why we didn't have sex. i got mine! ninjad!
by megadonkulaurus January 04, 2011
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1. n. The 'Art' of opening the Soul of an individual outside of their own immediate and physical vicinity in such a way that often arouses the physical body, but especially challenges their very 'nature' and 'Being', mentally, first and foremost.

2. v.--A 'Method' or process used to literally 'ignite' the essence or 'spiritual body' of 'either' party with a 'fire' or 'ethearic charge'(i.e. supernatural) that 'burns long'(i.e. an 'inescapable effect'), emotionally deep...and often without the 'collective' conscious awareness of 'both' parties, at first...yet, 'Always' through the 'mutual' consent of each party involved.

3. n. adv.--The 'Flame' or Energy harnessed is highly progressive, pervasive, and utterly so seductive that it matures to the 'Volcanic' experience of A Supremely Resonating and Orgasmic Energy that renders the body so numb, that the 'Soul' has no choice but to Re-Cognize it'Self' for the first time since birth, in its purest 'essence', experientially, as 'One', with all that is and ever will Be.
i.e. A Theistic interpretation

4. Modifier--The ill use of, and or side effects of 'Ninja Sex' can be apocalyptic and or cataclysmic; overall, the 'experience' is based on the individuals involved and their corresponding soul paths.

5. Idiom--to have sex, to engage in the 'Act' and or ~Art~ of 'Inter-Course'( i.e. a path by which two individuals 'cross' or ~interconnect~, 'physically' and ~spiritually~. )
basic--Ninja Sex is the only way to fly!

'Twilight' humor--I literally had Ninja Sex with my beloved Bella last night, HOLY SHIT, I've never felt anything that Hot since Hell froze over!

poetry--Ninja Sex has no rhyme to its reason, but the effect is clear, unimaginable, and so unmistakeable that it awakens the Soul.

philosophical--A Sexual Ninja understands that when Two become One, He and She may incorporate the transcendent pupil of a Divine Eye, to gaze the Soul of Earth, and move mountains to fulfill their Life's Destiny, on Purpose.


This 'process' can be utilized in many ways, however, the 'act of' or 'Art' mastered by an entity or 'evolved soul' is exquisitely sacred, and highly sensitive. In other words, don't 'Fuck'(slang) with someone or something you have not committed to understand(i.e. Love) or use 'properly'(i.e. Non-malicious intent).

Post Author-- ♠ SinUЯgisT
by SinUЯgisT September 16, 2011
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