A special person dressed in a black outfit with only their eyes showing. They are very good with literature and are best known for their role in the religious society as priests
my friend is a ninja" "fo' realz? can they help me with my english paper?
by Mdiggy the deaf girl December 17, 2010
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horrible stomach cramps and pains that sneak up on your like a band of ninja fighters
Ohhh god the ninjas! I shouldn't of eaten those eggs, being egg intolerant as I am.
by Locustking December 19, 2008
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Someone who has the ability to mindfuck others. Someone who is stealth enough to complete missions with other ninjas that involve high risk situations. A ninja can usually "ninja" information out of other individuals who are clear 'un-ninjas'.

Ninjas are usually dressed casually, and people don't usually peg these people as actual ninjas, but rather, ordinary and normal girls. Watch out though, there couldbe a ninja at your workplace.

And she could ninja the shit out of you.
co-worker: blah blah blah blah blah

ninja: (in her mind) - good to know I just ninja'd the shit outta you bud. I'm going to go tell my other ninja this classified information.
by ninjatwoxo July 21, 2011
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A word used to describe something that is friggin' awesome.
Person 1: Did you watch that basketball game last night?

Person 2: Ya, omg, that move that that guy did was like, so ninja!!!

Persoon 1: IKR!!!!
by Mr. Hedgehog December 21, 2010
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Anyone that uses ninja shit to steal or hurt anyone in present day times. They are masters of destruction and normally operate at night but are known to ocassionally come out in the day if a "Mission" is deemed to be worthwhile. They are often considered to be normal in school except they have no after school activities so they turn to vandalism to fill the gap. They are masters of video games and computer systems and range in physical abilities normally fairly fit because of the things they do. DO NOT FUCK WITH A NINJA
1.) A bunch of ninjas tagged the school last night
2.) A fucking ninja slashed my tires now i have to walk cuz im a fag
3.) I lost my wallet when I left it in my locker, god damn ninjas G'ed up my shit
4.) Konrad bosselman and Robert Long are the most famous known ninjas disappearing after a store heist
by OXHEAVYARMSXO January 09, 2008
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A business acronym for "Need Information, Not Just Advice."

An admonition to provide objective and fact-based data, not subjective opinions.
"Joe keeps telling Dave how American cars are so crappy and unreliable, really slamming them. So now, every time, Dave is like, NINJA, NINJA! Have some real facts ready, or shut up!"
by Ju1iet February 29, 2008
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